All national flags were created as identifiable symbols of unity.  Flying any of the country flags of the world  is an expression of your loyalty and passion for that country.

Your country’s identity can be seen not only in your homeland but abroad at sporting events, the Olympics, military bases, national consulates and by manufacturers that have offices abroad.

We can all identify with a country flags, sometimes more than one country flag, but there is nothing wrong with being proud.

Country flags have been a part of our history and many of these flags have been modified over time.

The flag of the United States or the American flag has changed 27 times as additional stars needed to be added.

Here is a list of some of the oldest flags in existence:

Scotland Saltire 832AD

Austria 1230AD

Latvia 1280AD

Denmark 1307AD

Albania 1443AD

The flag of the United States by comparison was adopted in 1777.