If you want to draw attention to yourself, you business or something you are passionate about there is no better visual aid than a custom designed flag.

On a personal level you could create a custom flag with a family picture, a massive custom flag capturing your favorite sports team, place your favorite quote on a flag, create a welcome flag with your address displayed, or a theme of your choosing as the possibilities are endless.

With today’s technology any image can be captured on a flag, and you decide how big you want to go.

For businesses, custom flags are great for advertising.  Business signage alone costs thousands.  Why not mount a few custom flags instead as they are so much cheaper and more eye-catching.

You can easily display your company logo, and contact information on a flag.  You can also advertise a special, or your hours of operation.

You can create a custom sign that identifies with your business at a very low cost..

By comparison, the average led display sign will cost anywhere between $5000 and $12000.