Nowadays, we want what we want and when we want it.

It’s not that we’re spoiled; rather we have all become picky when it comes to consumer goods.

I used to pick out a special gift at Christmas for family members and friends.  The feedback on my gifts was not favorable; from I don’t like that to that’s not my color.  I then reverted to gift cards but they either didn’t shop there or suggested a different gift card.  I still give gifts like gift baskets or nice candle gifts mainly because everyone is so picky.

A flag however is something that you buy for yourself.  Here the beauty of it all, if your don’t see a flag that appeals to you, design your own custom flag on the cheap.

Our flags, whether it is pirate flags for sale, gay pride flags,  fish flags, toothpick flags, sports flags, or custom flags allow you to purchase the right flag so you in essence get what you want and when you want it